Asian or Not

>Let’s play a little game. It’s called Asian or Not*. See if you can figure out if the below folks are Asian or not.

1. Asian or Not: Vanessa Hudgens (actress and singer)

2. Asian or Not: Rob Schneider (Actor)
3. Asian or Not: Ronde and Tiki Barber (twin football players)
4. Asian or Not: Tyson Beckford (model and TV personality)
5. Asian or Not: Hines Ward (football player)
6. Asian or Not: Joseph Gordon Levitt (actor)
7. Asian or Not: Kelis (singer)
8. Asian or Not: Kim Kardashian (model and actress)
9. Asian or Not: Jennifer Tilly (actress and poker player)
10. Asian or Not: Summer Glau (actress)
1. Vanessa Hudgens: This “High School Musical” star is indeed Asian. Of Irish and Native American heritage, the lovely Hudgens’ mother is from the Philippines (she’s Chinese-Filipino).
2. Rob Schneider: Yes, Deuce Bigalow is one-quarter Asian. His grandmother is Filipina.
3. Ronde and Tiki Barber: While the brothers have a little look of Asian, there’s no information on hand to support the theory that they are of Asian descent.
4. Tyson Beckford: Even if he wasn’t Asian, we’d still like to claim him. But indeed, Beckford has Asian blood in him, with ancestors being of the Chinese-Jamaican variety.
5. Hines Ward: Ward is what we like to call Blackinese. His mother is Korean and father is African-American.
6. Joseph Gordon Levitt: Sadly, this “(500) Days of Summer” star is not Asian. Or, as my co-worker says, “If he’s not Asian, he’s probably Filipino or something.”
7. Kelis: Her milkshake does come from the Asian yard. Her mother is of Chinese-Puerto Rican descent.
8. Kim Kardashian: Nope, this gal is of Armenian descent.
9. Jennifer Tilly: She’s one-quarter Asian.
10. Summer Glau: There’s no confirmation that this well-named actress is Asian.
Thanks for playing. Stay tuned for more chances to play!
* This post is totally meant to be playful and whimsical. Please note that being offensive is the last thing I’m looking to do. My sincerest apologies is I did not achieve that goal.

2 responses to “Asian or Not

  1. >Me too, Wesley. Blackinese are the best. By the way, some people say Joseph Gordon Levitt (#6) looks like Josh. I'm not sure if I agree…

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