>Who Knew Flag Football Was A Contact Sport?

>The Sun Sentinel headline said it all: Four shot during flag football game in Miami

Damn. I play flag football. Could I get shot? 

I guess the correlation between last night’s shooting and me is far fetched. (Watch. Just because I wrote it, it’s going to happen.)

The article says the shooting took place last night during a women’s game. Some male spectators got into a dispute, and, well, you know the story from there. 

I have a co-ed flag football game tonight in Fort Lauderdale. One time two girls from opposing teams got into a physical skirmish, but that’s really been it for the violence in our league. Better safe than sorry. Shields up for tonight’s game.

3 responses to “>Who Knew Flag Football Was A Contact Sport?

  1. >Nila, you are the toughest girl I know. If you did suffer a casualty while playing, you brush it off, finish the game, and still come to work looking super cute the next day laughing about it. I always admired that about you. 🙂

  2. >Awww… Thanks, Keri. Even more, I admire how you bounced back after suffering that head trauma from the bike accident on the Las Olas bridge. How a person could heal so beautifully from that, I will never know.I indeed survived last night's game. Though our loss might have been more painful than suffering a gunshot wound.

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