>Ristorante Broward General Hospital

>I was at Broward General Hospital’s outpatient surgery department for 11.5 long hours yesterday. My boyfriend was having surgery to repair his left ACL, an injury he suffered four weeks ago while simply running toward a soccer ball that was 5 feet away (don’t believe him if he tells you he tore it as he successfully attempted a bicycle kick to score the winning goal in the final seconds of his soccer game).

While there, I couldn’t help but make the analogy how restaurant-like the service was at the outpatient department. A restaurant with no food to serve.

Here’s my bulleted evidence of why:
  • Upon arrival, we checked in at what appeared to be the hostess stand, or reception desk.
  • After giving them our name, we received a beeper that vibrated and blinked its red lights when they are ready for you — the same ones they give at restaurants.
  • And just like at a restaurant, we waited. And waited.
  • The “hostess” kept saying it’ll “only be a few more minutes”; it turned out to be SEVERAL more minutes. They lied. Just like restaurants do.
All in all, the experience was pretty exceptional. The staff was great. My boyfriend got through surgery well and hopes the next six months of rehab go as easy as his surgery did. Meanwhile, I’ve been jumping up and down, doing twists and spins on my legs to show him how awesome it is to have two fully functional ACLs.

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