>A Workout Even I Can Appreciate

>The best-kept secret in Broward County happens to be tucked on the 8th floor of a facility I hope I don’t ever involuntarily get admitted to. You can find the area’s best hidden gem inside Broward General Medical Center, where its little-known Wellness Center is bar none the only thing in about 10 years that actually made me want to start working out.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t voluntarily go to a hospital. Unless there’s a life-threatening moment upon myself or a loved one, you wouldn’t catch me dead inside there. But, the Wellness Center has since changed my stance on hospital visits.

I stumbled upon its existence at a recent gala celebration, where I saw a silent auction bid for an annual membership and personal training lessons. I did a little research on it and saw it also offered classes like yoga, pilates, tai chi and spin.

And when my boyfriend recently had surgery at Broward General’s outpatient center, I decided to occupy my excruciating 11.5-hour wait at the hospital by visiting its gym and fitness room.

It must be noted that the last time I actually went into a gym not on assignment was back in college. And I vowed never to go back after doing a crazy ab workout that nearly punctured my small intestine. Gym rat, I am not. If you couldn’t tell by looking at me, I’m not the most eager gym individual (I’ll leave that to my co-worker, Jen, to write about on her blog). Even so, I found the Wellness Center totally un-intimidating. The place has lots to offer, including state-of-the-art facilities, superb trainers and a friendly staff.

So yeah, that’s the motto for every gym in the world, right? As the Wellness Center’s website states, it’s “more than a health club”; it’s a “serious approach to fitness.” I couldn’t agree more. There’s professionals at the center who are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The folks at the center are trained in exercise physiology and nutrition, making the necessary recommendations to treat not just you, but your body and overall health.

Even better, it’s just a down-to-earth wellness center with a down-to-earth client base. Leave the makeup and pressure to impress at other hoity-toity gyms.

Also, the membership fee is pretty manageable, too. There’s a one-time initiation fee of $49 and monthly fees are only $30. When I showed up on Tuesday, the gentleman at the front even told me that there’s a special that includes a two-person sign up for $25 a month each instead of the full $30.

But, shhhh. Keep it a secret, OK?

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