>Food From the Homeland


Let’s get something out in the open: I’m Asian.

Because of that factoid, I’ve been reamed by other Asians for my dislike of oriental food. In my defense, I don’t like rice. Yes, I’m an Asian-American, and I don’t like rice.

My disinclination to eating Asian food is the equivalent of an Italian-American not liking pasta or pizza; of a Greek-American abstaining from olives; of a Jewish-American refusing Matzo ball during Seder. Conversely, I have “real” Asian friends who eat rice with every single meal of the day. My Filipino friends eat it with their breakfast, mixing rice with their eggs.

My own race has banished me. I’ve become an outcast to my own people, rejected for refusing to consume the elixir of life: white rice. Sometimes my parents don’t even acknowledge our kinship in public, especially in the Asian markets.

But finally I’ve found an incredible Asian restaurant that rocks my boat as much as an Angus burger does. Last Friday my boyfriend and I consumed copious amounts of Japanese-inspired cuisine at Toyko Blue, right on the Atlantic on Galt Ocean Mile. Opening its doors on July 17, Toyko Blue has become my key to unlock the delights of Asian cuisine.

We received a major sampling of its finest dishes, along with unique drinks from its bar. Here’s my ode to Toyko Blue:

The Top 3 Reasons Toyko Blue Left An Impression With Me

1. The Miso-Glazed Black Cod
The dish was silky smooth, like fois gras in flavor and texture.

2. Chef Mai
Formerly of Nobu, Chef Mai brings his Japanese, Thai and Peruvian (yes, Peruvian) flavors to the kitchen. A must is the Pad Thai… Thai, yes, but with a kick of Peruvian spice. Chef Mai came to our table, personally handing us his creations. He didn’t say a word, but you somehow still got the feeling this was the master behind the meal.

Chef Mai is on the right of the photo, next to Michael Irvin (center) and owner Frank Talerico

3. The Ultralounge
Tokyo Blue is not only a restaurant, but it’s also an “ultralounge.” Sectioned off to the west of the space is a lounge area with an incredible drink menu. If you get one drink at Toyko Blue, it must be the lychee martini. If you get two, then ask for the Tokyo Blue martini.


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