>When We Were Young


We’re always trying to find ways to, as my publisher Bernie calls it, “young up” the magazine. Though it’s been some time since we’ve taken an official demographic survey, I can guarantee the base of our readers is around 45-65 years old. While we’re grateful to have that crowd, I figure why not bring in a younger breed of readers to our mags?

The idea to “young things up” was met with small opposition. I spoke with George Bolge, the indelibly candid and loquacious leader of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. In short, Bolge gave me his honest, earnest opinion: “Anyone under the age of 65 doesn’t have a vested interested in our cities.” In his views, young people are more geared toward social affairs and getting their pictures in magazines (i.e., our magazines) and hobnobbing with their friends.

Bolge says until you’ve spent decades in a city and really have a vested interest in it as you’ve witnessed the ups and downs, there’s no way a person could truly feel an inner capital to move it forward.

Being a person under the age of 65, it was difficult for me to hear Bolge’s words. I can’t stress how utterly affable he was to speak with, and I never took anything he said personally. It was the way he viewed the world. I know when I’m his age, I’ll see things differently than I do now. And, I can’t argue there are definitely a few people under the age of 65 who elicit the same characteristics Bolge mentioned.

But I’m looking to change Bolge and everyone else’s views of young professionals.

Hence, the upcoming November issue articles, “Youngstown” in Gold Coast and “The 40 Under 40” in Boca Life. Here’s a visual preview to the articles:

For “Youngstown,” we worked with photographer Josh Ritchie, a young professional himself.

For “The 40 Under 40,” we worked with photographer Jason Nuttle, another young professional.


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