>Tator and Grandma


For anyone’s who’s ever owned a pet, I’m told an indescribable sense of happiness comes from bonding with one. I’m told a pet – a dog in this case – makes you feel happy in no way a human ever could.

After dog-sitting my favorite four-legged friend, Tator, this past weekend, I can see why. There’s something really awesome about a dog unexpectedly coming up to you and licking your face, putting his head on your lap, or barking when he feels you’re threatened.

My boyfriend, Josh, and I took Tator to see Josh’s 90-year-old grandmother this past weekend. She lives in Boynton Beach in an assisted living home, and we figured she could use a little four-legged loving. Grandma’s still sharp, witty, mobile, happy and thoughtful, Josh and I felt Tator could break Grandma out of her normal routine at the assisted living home and, well, add a little excitement to an otherwise mundane Sunday.

For once, we were right. Grandma loved Tator. And, I’d like to think Tator loved Grandma.


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