>On My Way

>I forgot what day it was, but last week the “Today Show” had a segment on the dangers of posting your geographic status on Facebook and other forms of social media. For example, posting you’re on your way to the Dolphins game, or about to walk into a concert, or something like that. They had a young adult female on the segment who spoke of her woes after posting she was at so-and-so place, basically alerting robbers (aka Facebook friends) that her place was empty.

You’d think I’d learn from that segment, right? Rarely do I post where I am at, but I feel compelled to share that: I. Am. Going. To. Ireland!!!

So for all those people looking to rob my place now that I’ve publicly posted my whereabouts, rest assured. You’d be wasting your time. There’s not much for you to steal. Other than the two secondhand couches I got from Goodwill and my “renovated” entertainment center that my old roommate literally hacked the top off of (think “Dexter” when imagining my roomie’s slaughter of the entertainment center’s wood frame), the material items I’m leaving behind are, well, reflective of my own shopping habits: cheap.

Oh, but if you so dare think of trying me, I have insurance. And it comes in the form of a sub-180 pound boyfriend who’s still recovering from major knee surgery. Yeah, son.

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