>Dublin, Ireland


I already have my lede for my pending article about my current trip to Ireland. Tell me what you think:

I’ve always wanted to find out more about my roots, my heritage. And to do so, I decided to go to Ireland…

There’s more to it, but you’ll just have to wait for the article. In the meantime, I can update you on what I did today.

Our tour guide, Pat Liddy, said one thing that will forever stick with me about Dubliners: “Drivers here tend to see pedestrians as targets, and they want to get them.” Boy, did I learn the hard way. After a couple unsightly encounters with Audis and BMWs, I learned that I needed to stick with the Irish and cross when they cross.

Other than that, Dublin’s been a great introduction to Ireland and its people. It’s a pretty metropolitan town, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m staying at a hotel just off Grafton Street, one of the city’s most popular shopping spots.

The popular Grafton Street (behind all the people and flowers is my hotel, Westbury)

Irish thinker, author and quoter, Oscar Wilde

Trinity College, one of Ireland’s most prestigious, is home to about 16,000 students and nearly the same quantity of bicycles.

Our tour guide, Pat Liddy, not surprisingly dressed like a true Irishman in a Burberry trench coat


3 responses to “>Dublin, Ireland

  1. >I'm pretty sure Burberry is British, too, but that doesn't stop a fashionable Irishman from wearing one!Karen: Your hometown is beautiful!!!

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