>Day 2 in Ireland


Day 2 in Ireland, and I’ve concluded I didn’t bring enough warm clothes. It’s something like 42 degrees Fahrenheit with whipping wind that makes it feel 10 degrees colder, and my Florida blood is thinning out. I knew I should have brought that coat!

From Dublin, we traveled west today — to Connemara. Apparently we went to a bunch of other places too, but my short-term memory isn’t serving me well. When I told Dubliners and others we were to go to Connemara, the reaction was all the same: “Hmmm… You’ll be impressed.” That I am, that I am.

Below are some snapshots of the day.

The stone crosses at Clonmacnoise, a 6th century monastery founded by St. Ciaran. It overlooks the River Shannon (not the Shannon River for all you Americans used to that word structure). Through the years, it was pillaged by vikings and the English. Like, over and over and over again. And each time, the monks would rebuild and rebuild.

Above is bog wood, a material that is literally centuries years old.

Today bog wood is used to formulate jewelry pieces like the ones above, among other creations.

A view of the exterior of the hotel, er, CASTLE, that I’m staying at tonight. Called Ballynahich Castle, it’s currently owned by a Jacksonville, Fla., businessman.


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