>Kids These Days Part III

>Some time ago I wrote a lil’ blog entry about kids these days. In fact, I’m pretty sure that was the title of the blog: Kids These Days.

Anyhoos, the blog wasn’t affectionately slanted toward the youths (or yuths, as Joe Pesci would say). I wrote it as we were looking to replace our former associate editor, and in our search, we found some folks who I felt did not exude the general respect and politeness I was accustomed to when I grew up.

Well, I’m slowly changing the way I see these yuths. I recently visited two college classrooms to discuss life in the real world. I was asked to give the students some tips to approaching an interview as well as answer any questions they might have. And so happy I was after meeting these students.

The first class was at FAU, a Women, Business and Power course. (The “power” part really trips me up as I really don’t know if I’m the right person to talk about it.) Anyhoos, there were about 30 or so students in it, and my focus was to discuss how, as a woman, I’ve managed to work my way through the publishing field. I’m really not sure if I helped the students out too much; in fact, I may have actually devolved their knowledge base. Nonetheless, from my perspective, I was immensely impressed with each question the students asked. They really wanted to know what life was like on the other side of college.

Someone asked what my thoughts on tattoos were, if someone walked into a job interview covered in tats. My response? I could care less. That is, unless the tattoo was of a swastika.

The next class I spoke with was at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, a public relations and fashion merchandising class. Again, another good class with several students really interested in propelling forward in their careers.

I can’t say everyone was an angel during my visit — yes, I did see some texting in the middle of the talk — but I guess I can rest assured the world is preparing these students pretty well. Kids these days aren’t that bad, huh?

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