>Catching air in Key West


A message to all jet ski riders out there: Watch out, Jennifer Tormo is on the waters.

This past weekend my fellow editor Jenn and I went to Key West for our friend Suzanne’s destination wedding. What we’d do three hours before the wedding, before we got dolled-up for the black-tie affair? Circumnavigated Key West on a jet ski, of course.

Being Jenn’s first trip ever on a jet ski, we had to get her to drive it. Mind you, Jenn drives a 2010 red Mustang, so she’s used to speed. And, that’s where the fun began.

We rode together on a dual rider, and all I can say is I now know how Rash, Zitz and Pimple felt. Remember those names? Yes, Battletoads characters from the good ol’ Nintendo. Check out the screen shot below. Yes, that’s how I felt while cruising shotgun in Key West.

Looking at the speedometer, we got up to 57 mph. And the only thing going through my mind as we caught air was how am I going to throw my legs in the air like the Battletoads while still holding on to the jet ski?

Oh, and being Jenn’s first ride on a jet ski, she did pretty good. Good enough for me to let her borrow my Wayfarers.


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