Buddha Sky Bar in Delray Beach

My office suite is on the sixth floor of a building in downtown Fort Lauderdale. I live on the second floor of my building that’s a few miles from the beach. I guess you can say I have a pretty good vantage point at any point of the day.

So when I heard Buddha Sky Bar was opening in Delray Beach, and it was the only rooftop restaurant overlooking Atlantic Avenue, I had to check out the view. Last night was the opening for the media and VIP guests (and for the record, I was the former and definitely not the latter).

Buddha Sky Bar is on the third floor of a building just west of the railroad tracks. It has a spectacular view of Atlantic Avenue, where I was able to see the hustle and bustle of the avenue from up above. Large windows encase the intimately sized restaurant, so there’s not much of the city you can’t see. It’s a hip restaurant with red booths and exposed air ducts to give a modern feel. The food complements the decor – creatively packaged and minimally dressed.

That’s me and my co-worker Jenn Tormo posing with the ginormous Buddha statue that sits right outside the restaurant. The photo was taken with hopes of winning a dinner for two at Buddha Sky Bar as the restaurant’s running a contest on its Facebook page. (Hint, hint: PLEASE “like” my photo on FB. Please!)

There’s even an outside terrace that sits between 12-14 people. The best part? There’s no extra fee to reserve this space (just be sure you call ahead to make sure it’s available).

Black cod miso = my favorite dish

Eel roll with coconut

My friends Phil and Jeff being served eel rolls

Tuna rolls

Buddha Sky Bar lights up at night


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