Here comes the groom

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Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in the kingdom of Gainesville, Fla. He was working and studying to become a master smith of building construction and design. And then he met a beautiful princess.

The princess arrived in Gainesville looking for the holy grail of pharmacy education. During her journey – specifically a few weeks into Summer B – she met this smith and fell in love. Together they tackled the hallows of college life, evil professors and gatekeeping trolls, all in the name of love.

If you couldn’t tell, the above-mentioned fairy tale is from the pages of Wesley Smith and Jenna Algozzine, now Mr. and Mrs. Smith (or Mr. and Mrs. Clark as the priest announced to the world). Wesley and Jenna are two of the greatest people I’ve ever met, both former roommates and lifelong friends. After seven bliss-filled years, they wedded this past Sunday in a beautiful ceremony in Sarasota.

I was happy to be a guest at their wedding and see two truly remarkable people begin a new chapter in their lives. I lived with Wes for 2.5 years in Fort Lauderdale, where he became more than just a roommate. He was the QB of our flag football team (and ridiculously amazing safety as well… though I heard rumors he got yanked from his current Washington D.C. team for getting burned twice…); he was the apartment chef, creating fantastic dishes every night; and he became one of the bestest friends in the world, listening to me complain about life’s little things and giving me the best advice.

I knew Wes before he met Jenna, and I can say with affection that Jenna has influenced Wes and encouraged him to be an even better person than he was. During the weeks before he proposed to Jenna, Wes and I casually started looking at engagement rings. He wanted to find the best thing for his girl. We looked in various spots, all with the intention of getting Jenna the ring she would fall in love with. It was so hard for me not to spill the beans to Jenna, but I managed to keep it in. Even though I didn’t help him find the ring he eventually went with, it was a pleasure spending these moments with Wes and seeing how much effort he was putting to finding “the one.”

So as they say… They lived happily ever after.


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