My Boot Camp Blunders

Planning for your wedding makes you do a lot of stupid things. Like exercise. And eat right. And go to west of I-95.

I’ve rarely, if ever, done any of the above-mentioned things – especially go west of I-95. I know there’s a street out west called Nob Hill and a venue out there called BankAtlantic Center. But that’s really my encyclopedia of knowledge of the west side of town. I think my fiance put it most appropriately when he said, “What’s the point of going west of 95? What’s over there that you can’t get here on the east side?”

After living in Fort Lauderdale for more than five years, I can finally give  you an answer of what’s worth driving west of the interstate AND turnpike. It’s a boot camp class I’m taking with instructor Khair Thimas. They say no pain allows for no gain. Well, I better be gaining because after each workout I’m in a lot of pain. Check out the video below to see some of the ridiculous amount of work Khair puts us through.

In truth, beyond being motivated to work out because of the upcoming wedding, my recent trip to Canyon Ranch’s facilities really invigorated my goal to stay healthy and fit (read my Canyon Ranch trip here). The boot camp’s hard. But I like being challenged. I’ve played sports my entire life so I feel I have some aptitude for fitness. I’ve done the whole hot yoga thing, and while I really enjoy it, I feel something like a boot camp is more up my alley. Boot camp works on my footwork, speed and agility, things I’ll always look to improve.

The best part about training with Khair is that he doesn’t let you quit. Once, while doing what help like my millionth tricep rep with the resistance band,  I said under my breath, “I can’t do anymore. I’ve gotta stop.” [NOTE: I consider myself a tough lil’ gal, so for me to say that and want to throw the towel in, that’s major.] Khair wouldn’t have anything to do with that statement. “‘Can’t’ doesn’t exist in my workouts,” he shouted. He stayed right with me the entire time and pushed me to finish up the reps.

I’ve only done about five classes so far, which means I have a long way to go to get into wedding-dress shape. That’s OK… I don’t mind. After all, no pain means no gain.


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