The Gift of lululemon athletica

Have you ever done a gift exchange in which the swapped items were unequal in value, prestige and function? Like, giving someone a Tiffany’s bracelet but receiving a six-pack of athletic socks? It’s the thought that counts, my ass! Well, that’s happened to me before. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), I was on the “good” end of the gift exchange. Which meant that my friend was on the bad end of the transaction. (Insert hashtag #awkward)

It was two Christmases ago. I found some cute monogrammed stationary at Anthropologie with my friend’s initials on it and bought a crapload of it for her. At most, I probably spent $35 on the gift. I was pretty pumped over it (especially the economical cost) and for sure thought I would continue being in the good graces of my friend. Well, that thought was short lived. She gave me her gift first. And that’s when I knew my present dwarfed, paled, dulled, tarnished and muddied in comparison. (Insert hashtag #superawkward)

And that’s when I was introduced to lululemon athletica. My friend, a Canadian, gave me the best pair of pants I’ve ever received: the Groove pants. If you know anything about them, then you know how awesome they are, how comfortable they feel when you exercise, and how good of a purchase it is. It’s valued somewhere along $100 (US Dollars, so I don’t know the cost in Canadian) and is guaranteed to last at least five years through normal wear and tear. It made my $35 monogrammed stationary that maybe would last five months seem silly.

My friend’s kind gift was accompanied by her saying “every athletic girl I know wears things from lululemon.” So sweet, eh?

Some apparel choices from lululemon

So imagine my elation when I found out this Canadian brand (originally from Vancouver) has made its way to Florida. First to my home city of Jacksonville, then to Aventura, and then with an outlet store in Orlando. (Insert hashtag #awesome.) And a few weeks ago, I received a press release mentioning lululemon was opening even closer to me, at the Town Center of Boca Raton. Here’s some quick and cool facts of what’s in store for this store:

  • Scheduled to open its doors on July 22
  • 3,000 square feet of space and storage
  • Certain mornings it will open to allow for group yoga classes
And, to drum up excitement of the new store, our associate editor and I were able to try on some of the apparel at lululemon’s showroom near Royal Palm Place. Here’s are some shots from our hourlong dress-up session:

Here's me trying to do dancer pose while wearing the Wunder Under pants ($88) and Deep Breath Tank ($52). The tank has super-supportive straps, and the pants make me feel like Usain Bolt.

Here's me trying to run in place at the showroom while wearing the Run: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve shirt ($58) and the Wunder Under pants ($88). The shirt is amazing; uber-light weight with no seams and high-quality mesh that's knitted with Silverescent with X-static for anti-odor properties.

The girls of lululemon's Boca Raton store: Jordanna, Amanda White (store manager who doubles as a yoga instructor at The Yoga Joint), Debra and Jenny

Some apparel choices from lululemon

Below’s more info on the store’s opening weekend festivities. I hope to see you all there, preferably as I’m doing child’s pose.

Friday, July 22nd:  8:30am Vinyasa Yoga with Leslie Glickman

Saturday, July 23rd: 8:30am Vinyasa Yoga with Judy Weaver

Sunday, July 24th: 10:30am Vinyasa Yoga with Jacquelin Pfeffer


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