Save-the-Date Video

A major part of our wedding is trying our best to be as sustainable as possible. Sometimes that doesn’t always work out, and I have to bite the bullet and stamp my carbon footprint on a host of places.

But one of the major elements I wanted to incorporate was reducing the amount of paper I used. That includes save-the-date cards. It was important for me to still give out-of-towners and others the heads up about our 2012 wedding date and make some type of formal announcement (a phone call or Facebook invite just isn’t enough). But I knew I didn’t want to send paper invites. So, after much Internet research, I discovered something so cool, so eco-friendly, and so capable of showing Josh and my personalities: save-the-date videos.

There are various different options for these videos (I’ve seen some people make it look like a movie production! Watch out, Bruckheimer!), but Josh and I chose the more simplistic route to reduce costs. Whether you’re planning a wedding or another event, I can’t stress how important the initial tone is. Our initial tone was the save-the-date video, and we wanted our guests to get the feeling that this wedding’s going to be unique and bold, while still showing our personalities. The result: Something we love!

Check out our video below! Thanks to Steven Martine for producing it, doing the laborious post-production work, and making us look like stars.

(When prompted for a password, type “joshheartNila”.)


4 responses to “Save-the-Date Video

  1. Cute video Nila! And I love that you’re getting married at Bonnet House. Make sure Nicholle et al treat you well. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Shannon. We jacked this video concept from another couple, but I think it works for us! And, I’m uber-excited about getting married at The Bonnet House. Woo hoo!

  2. So creative and most important its totally you and Josh. I like the sustainability edge too. I am impressed. Great stuff!

  3. Thanks so much, Michael. We’re really happy with the product, and I’m really glad you liked it! You’re a pretty creative person, so to hear you say that means a lot!

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