On Being SpoonFed

My parents visited the other day. And, like all good daughters do, I took my mom out to dinner – and left my dad behind at my apartment, where he ate the equivalent of Ramon noodles. Just how the cookie crumbled, eh?

In truth, we did leave my dad behind, but in fairness and complete defensiveness, I was invited to a media dinner and was able to invite one lucky guest. And that guest of honor had to be my lovely mom. (Plus my dad didn’t want to go and was content eating those crappy noodles.)

We were invited to SpoonFed Neighborhood Eatery, Chef Glen Manfra’s newest restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. You might recall he opened The Pop Up (read more about it here) during the summer time to gain a little business and wait out the transition to SpoonFed. The reincarnation is just as magnificent: Italian food served fresh and with bright flavors.

I learned Manfra’s an Italian Jew (or a Jewish Italian, depending how you spin it), and both his backgrounds’ good nature shine brightly. He’s boisterous and inviting, and one could say his food is the same thing. What surprises me the most is the pasta. It’s divine. I hardly ever eat pasta. In fact, I quite dislike it. Something about it is rather boring and bland to me, no matter how it’s dressed up. But Manfra’s pasta combined with his sauces and oils pack a great flavor.

I liked being spoonfed. And being my mom’s first-ever media dinner, she did too. In fact, as we left the joint, my mom said she could get used to life down here, specifically galavanting around town with me and leaving my father at home with his Ramon noodles.

Fish and Pasta


Broccoli Stromboil

Italian Wedding Cake

Pizza and pastaItalian Wedding CakeFish and PastaBroccoli Stromboil


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