Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

So you didn’t think I could go on too long without writing about another restaurant, did you? Oh, you know me so well. The latest on my bucket list of fantastic food specials was served at The Capital Grille.

The restaurant chain has recently unveiled a Small Plates Menu, served during lunch. The concept is simple: enjoy good American cuisine during the brief lunch time you have. The Small Plates Menu is meant to be enjoyed within 45 minutes (just enough time for all you folks with an hour-long lunch break). Already known as THE lunch joint for the area’s power players, The Capital Grille’s addition of this menu allows for an air of casualness that’ll makes even the semi-power player comfortable in a white-tablecloth-laden restaurant.

Chef Marc Gruverman was straight up with us: Eat the 6 oz. waygu cheeseburger, he said. Best thing on the menu. And damn was he right. The fried egg on top of the burger means you were going to have your daily protein intake with one dish. Not a bad idea, eh?

In total, the menu is approachable, non-intimidating, but superbly executed. It’s the whole idea of introducing tapas-styled cuisine to an audience that’s accustomed to 20 oz. ribeyes. The Small Plates Menu comes with three categories (soups/salad, sandwich and side item), and you choose one from each. Total price: $18.

The Capital Grille is located at The Galleria.

Grapefruit soda (left) and fresh lemonade

Field green salad with champagne vinaigrette

A 6 oz. waygu cheeseburger topped with a fried egg and served with truffle fries and grated parmesan

Two mini-tenderloin sandwiches served with bousin

Dessert isn't a part of the Small Plates Menu, but I couldn't resist. Here's a trio of ice cream (all chocolate, in this case) with some yummy cookies.


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