South Beach Sojourn – A Bachelorette Party to Remember

Two words: Bachelorette party. Another two words: South Beach. Do I need to write any more for this blog?

In my conciliatory ways, I figure I probably should type a bit more words about the festivities, especially because – as I was taught by my parents (or was it “Sesame Street”?), it’s better to give than receive – I want to make sure all single ladies out there have as great of a time that I did for my final days of single-dom. Consider this a how-to of sorts when you or your best friends plan your bachelorette party.

The most important element was the company. In attendance was my bestie, someone who’s been there for me since I was 16 years old. She ran the show, and man, was she a good show runner. Sprinkle in a few other great girls, and that’s all you need for an amazing time. I could have been in the middle of the desert, and with these girls, I wouldn’t have even cared.

But alas we weren’t in the middle of the Serengeti. Indeed, we were in the setting of Joseph Conrad’s little-known novel, “Heart of Hotness.” South Beach was an easy choice for location. Since my bachelorette party took place last week, in the middle of February, any destination north of Orlando was out of this question for this thin-blooded gal.

And then the final element was the venue. That was probably the easiest choice I have made during my entire wedding planning process. I asked we stay at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach. I figured if we’re going to do this, let’s do this right. And the Ritz is, well, just right. Ever since I stayed there (with the fiance) in the summer of 2010, I fell in love with the property. It’s chic, sophisticated, posh, vibrant and located in the heart of South Beach (right off Lincoln Road). Plus, it was the perfect setting for a luxurious, fun yet non-Jersey-Shore-like par-tay (<—- emphasis on the “tay”).

Here's the lobby of the Ritz. Now here's a wall you're never going to forget.

First thing’s first: the pool. And if you go to the pool at the Ritz, the best way to go is getting a VIP daybed. Plush, perfect for all the girls and very South Beach-y, the daybed comes with yummy plated tropical fruits and a bottle of champagne. You’re right next to all the fun action at the pool, and you can indulge in being treated like a VIP. We didn’t see the tanning butler (yes, this hotel has a tanning butler who’ll do his darndest to get your tan and gorgeous by spreading lotion all over your body), but, boy, that would have been a nice sight to see.

Lounging on the VIP daybed at the pool was the perfect way to start the bachelorette party.

Here's the awesome sign that awaited us at the VIP daybed.

Speaking of VIP service, I can’t tell you how endearing it is when every staff member greets you by your name. Let’s be honest: My name is pretty non-standard. So for strangers to attempt to say my name without fear of mispronouncing it, I’ve got to give them credit for being having enough verve to give it a go. Most got the pronunciation wrong, but who’s complaining? From the valet men to those at registration, it’s that personal touch of greeting me by “Miss Do” (or “Miss Due” to many of them) that I have always appreciated at this Ritz.

Next is the spa. If I even need to explain why this activity is a must at when bacheloretting, then we’re in trouble. That’s pretty much a no-brainer. I got the Carita Perfect Body treatment for 90 minutes. (That’s right, 90 minutes… Not that 50-minute B.S. that I usually do to cut corners).

Do you have massage envy? I do when I see a photo like this from the Ritz.

The spa at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach is a sanctuary at a sanctuary.

If you haven’t gotten the message yet, I’m pretty much in love with this hotel. I thought it would be the perfect joint for my girlfriends and me to just enjoy a night of fun in a sophisticated setting without any “what ifs” (i.e., what if we don’t like our room, what if we don’t like the food, what if the hotel guests are creepy?). This hotel also has one of the only beachside restaurants, the Dilido Beach Club, on South Beach. It was the home to former “Top Chef” hottie Jeff McGinnis (from season 5), and the restaurant exudes a chic Mediterranean-esque menu.

The Dilido Beach Club is one of the only restaurants that is literally beachside on South Beach.

Now here’s a little secret. There’s also the Club Level, which is VIP for VIPs. Basically, if you wanted even more baller-like service, you go here. It’s a private area for Club-Level attendees where you get served five meal presentations daily and cocktails as well as receive a dedicated concierge.

Decadent desserts were hand-delivered to our hotel room.

What a great welcome present from The Ritz! A yummy-smelling candle, liquid blush and face lotion.

If you’re wondering about the, um, more, shall we say risqué parts of the night, I shan’t indulge. However, I didn’t have a “The Hangover” moment. No, Zach Galifianaki didn’t make a cameo. But a former romantic fling did. And we’ll just leave it at that.

Disclosure: My friends and I were guests of The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach this weekend and were able to sample certain amenities at a reduced rate. All opinions are my own.


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