Me and Uncle Julio Down by the School Yard

Why can’t every hour be happy hour? Drinks taste better, foods are cheaper, and life is just so much more fun.

Uncle Julio’s, a Mexican-inspired restaurant located in Boca Raton, opened up a majorly happy happy hour and invited the media to enjoy it last night. From 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. every Monday through Friday, patrons are invited to munch on bar bites that cost anywhere from $3 to $7. There are also five new non-alcoholic drinks on the menu that cost just $3.95 (and if you order a second one, it’s only $1).

Beyond that, the regular menu is pretty awesome. Most notably Uncle Julio’s three new chef-inspired guacamole, which is perfectly mashed up avocados with either bacon and pineapple, lump crab and corn, or three-pepper spice. After eating these chef-inspired guacs, General Manager Scott Browne says he “can’t eat regular guacamole anymore.”

Here’s a pictorial journey through some menu items:

The Strawberry Guava Lemonade for $3.95 (for all you alchies out there, this drink is one of five new non-alcoholic drinks on the menu)

Corn and lump crab guacamole for $11.95

Three pepper guacamole for $8.95

Bacon-wrapped jumbo shrimp with Monterey Jack cheese and jalapeno (six for $22.95) and Camarones Diablos, which are mesquite-grilled jumbo shrimp, for $20.95


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