Tantalized by Tanzy

Quick: Name some of history’s most famous transformations. Maybe what comes to mind includes the Ugly Duckling or Optimus Prime or Charlize Theron in “Monster.” Another transformation that history will ultimately rank high on its list  should be Mizner Park’s new movie theater-and-restaurant combo, iPic and Tanzy.

Gone is the old Sunrise Theater, the rundown cineplex that stood as an eye sore in the otherwise pristine, idyllic Boca Raton setting. Up now is iPic, a revolutionary movie theater that makes something watching Jason Statham speeding in a Porsche while shooting a gun seem very luxurious. While I have yet to catch a movie at iPic, my friends have and they swear there’s no other reason to watch a movie at another location. iPic is the best, they say. You won’t go to another theather is the apparent consensus. Some selling points include:

  • uber-comfy, plush and spacious leather seats
  • a service staff who’ll get your drinks and food during your movie-watching experience
  • free popcorn (they had me at “free” and then reeled me in at “popcorn”)

Here’s an example of a seat inside an iPic theater. The chair reclines back, and blanket and pillow are complimentary!

Upstairs is iPic and downstairs is Tanzy, an eclectic restaurant that’s touted as an artisanal Italian restaurant. Both iPic and Tanzy are the brainchild of President and CEO Hamid Hashemi, whose previous foray in movies included Boca Raton’s chic and then-innovative Muvico.

Some highlights of Tanzy include:

  • the restaurant was designed to embody nostalgic Italian villas on the Amalfi Coast
  • Parma Bar, an equivalent to a sushi bar (so Hashemi says) that serves cured meats from Parma, Italy
  • cocktail designs by the award-winning mixologist and sommelier Adam Seger (whose resume includes serving the chosen drink for the Academy Awards)

Tanzy’s ambience is rustic and warm, yet stylish and chic.

The Duck Breast and Candied Fig dinner entree was simply delicious. It was served with sliced cantaloupe, candied braised figs, mache greens with a pomegranate balsamic reduction, a perfect combination of sweet and bitter.

Another memorable entree was the Black Grouper and Polenta Cake with Ratatouille. And, guess what, after eating this dish, polenta has fast become one of my favorite sides.

The Pan-Seared Calamari was one of the signature appetizers on the menu. It was perfectly cooked (don’t you just hate chewy calamari?) and served with lemon-marinated artichoke hearts, capers and roasted tomatoes.

Here’s an example of some of the beautiful cured meats served from Parma Bar.

Upstairs at iPic, a bar is conveniently located before entering any of the eight individual theaters.

Also upstairs at iPic is Tanzy Express, a grab-and-go version of Tanzy that serves burgers, flatbreads and paninis.


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