Oceans 234

The chicken wing connoisseur that I am, I wholeheartedly approve the buffalo-style ones ($11) at Oceans 234.

It’s never a good start when you drive into a restaurant by going through the exit. And so that was Ocean 234’s introduction to me: The Asian woman driver who doesn’t know how to drive correctly (oh, how I hate how I further my stereotype!).

But minus the poor introduction on my part, the rest of my seaside lunch was ideal. Set on the beautiful backdrop of Deerfield Beach, just north of the pier, Oceans 234 is literally feet away from the sand. My business lunch date felt like dining in an island paradise, with a relaxed beach atmosphere dominating. Last year Chef Victor Franco came onboard the 10-year-old restaurant and has since reinvigorated the menu with exciting seafood dishes and also fine-tuned the current menu. The result? Delicious fare that if you closed your eyes, you’d think you were eating at an exclusive, uber-luxurious resort in the Caribbean.

The owner and co-founder, Danielle Williams, is a welcomed change to an industry dominated by male entrepreneurs. Tall, slender and articulate, Williams became owner of Oceans 234 at just 22 years old. It is is her foresight that saw the restaurant needed a change at the helm of the kitchen – new life to the menu, if you will – inviting Chef Victor to take the wheel last year.

Here’s some snapshots of my favorite dishes at Oceans 234.

Ocean’s Pulled Pork Nachos ($14) is from the Bar Bites menu. Since pork is one of my favorite proteins, this menu item was a no-brainer to me. It’s served with chipotle spice tortilla chips, braised pulled pork, jalapenos, black beans, diced tomatoes and mascarpone nacho cheese sauce (which is really yummy!).

Easily my favorite plate at Oceans 234. Normally it’s served during dinner time, but they had the Tropical Grilled Swordfish ($28) cooked up special for today’s lunch. The hint of beautiful coconut milk prevails throughout the dish, and I highly recommend this entree.

Who would think a seaside restaurant would serve such great sushi? Oceans 234 completely surprised me by having one full page of its menu dedicated to sushi selections.


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