Epcot in Pictures

Epcot lights up at night

So an Asian walks into Disney World with a camera. How many times have you heard that story? Better yet, how many times have you see that image?

This story isn’t too different. I went to Epcot for the first time this past weekend. And, guess what. I had my camera in hand. Here’s my view of Epcot through my lens.

Remember “Captain EO”? Well, it’s back at Epcot and features a behind-the-scenes clip of how in 1986 Michael Jackson, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola achieved such unique 3D results. The funniest part? Probably half the small kids in the theater don’t remember Michael Jackson.

Who doesn’t love Nemo? He and his movie friends were part of Epcot’s Future World.

Well, I can check off “going to Japan” from my bucket list. Sort of.

England was just a few steps away from Japan. Who knew these countries were so close together?

Ooh la la! A touch of France is seen with these chic aprons.

The World Showcase hosts a mini-France, where wine is just as popular there as it is in the real France. Here are some wine stoppers with Mickey ears.

If you closed your eyes and then opened them again, you might have thought you were actually in France. And, then you’d see Aladdin and Jasmine walking by and realize that sadly, you’re not.

Tres bon! I heart food, especially of the French and Japanese varieties. Thank goodness these countries are neighbors in Epcot!

Just like all a college student from a state school, Epcot can get lit. The fireworks display to close down the park was remarkable.


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