Canadian Thanksgiving: What It’s All Aboot

Today Canada celebrates Thanksgiving. Unlike their American relatives, Canadians celebrate this holiday on the second Monday of October. The American holiday butts against Christmas celebrations and therefore the infamous Black Friday.

“Americans have been too influenced by capitalism,” an American-born Canadian transplant told me on Saturday. “Canadians celebrate it right.”

So in honor of the Canadian Thanksgiving and my recent trip to Canada, here’s what I’m thankful for, Canadian-style:

1. Canadian Bakeries

Cookies from Premiere Moisson in Montreal

Packaged cookies from Premiere Moisson in Montreal

Chocolate cookies in the shape of bats from Premiere Moisson in Montreal

A strawberry tart from Premiere Moisson in Montreal

2. Fresh Harvests

Gorgeous berries at Atwater Market

More fruit from Atwater Market

When I was in Canada last week, it was apple-picking season.

Pumpkins at Atwater Market

3. Maple Syrup

How convenient! A maple syrup stand at Byward Market in Ottawa caters to English and French speakers.

As I heard one proud Canadian say, “Our maple syrup definitely doesn’t come from a factory; it comes straight from nature.”

4. Canada’s Changing Season

The wonderful drive from Ottawa to Gatineau was littered with brilliant shades of green, auburn, copper and goldenrod.

Unfortunately South Florida is devoid of these beautiful fall colors.

5. BeaverTails!

Even I had to indulge in a BeaverTail, one of Canada’s most-prized commercial pastries. Basically a flat, fried dough pastry, the one pictured here was purchased at Byward Market in Ottawa, and smeared with Nutella. Pretty delicious looking, eh?

6. Poutine

If you’re a health nut, then you’re not going to like poutine. Or at least you won’t admit to it. Poutine’s a bowl of fries, lathered in gravy and melted cheese curds. Mmm!


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