On Being A Winner

My entire life, I’ve pretty much been a loser. I mean, basically every serious or semi-serious competition I’ve been in, I’ve never stood atop the podium. I’ve even written about being such a loser in a previous post.

Being the competitor I am, losing is devastating. For some reason, I remember my losses much more than my wins. My list of prominent losses include:

– my third grade spelling bee (who knew “desperate” had so many “e’s” in it?)
– my fifth grade geography bee (how is an 11-year-old suppose to know what a fjord is?)
– when I was 16, I placed fourth overall in a music competition playing the first movement of Mozart’s “Concerto No. 20 in D Minor,” losing to a well-deserved oboist and two decent vocalists (note: how unfair is it to compare a 14-minute piano concerto to a 5-minute vocal song?)
– in my high school’s talent pageant I placed first runner up (aka, first loser)
– every single flag football championship game I’ve played in (to be fair, once our team won the championship in the “losers” bracket)
– pretty much every single flag football game I played in this past season
– a writing competition about finding my wedding dress (read it here)
– every single Powerball or Lottery drawing I’ve entered in

For some reason, it’s always a bridesmaid, never the bride (or in my case, always the emcee, never the bridesmaid … more on that in a separate post) for me.

That is until now. I finally won something. More specifically, my teammates and I won. And I couldn’t have been more stoked at winning amongst a team.

The victory occurred at an annual flag football tournament in Gainesville, Fla. I’ve never played in Adobowl, even though I went to school in Gainesville. But I went back this year, as one of the oldest girls in the all-girl team, for my inaugural competition. The competition pitted Florida- and Georgia-based university-affiliated squads. I was part of the University of Florida’s alumni team, one of 10 gals.

After playing in two pretty competitive games, giving one opponent a goose egg for a score, playing lockdown defense and clutch offense, our team ended up winning the entire tournament. We were pretty fortunate, and I have my teammates to thank for finally putting me in the win column.

Our winning team


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