On the Run

The New Balance Minimum 1010 Trail has yet to do me wrong yet. Here's to making it through the race devoid of shin splints!

The New Balance Minimum 1010 Trail has yet to do me wrong. Here’s to making it through the race devoid of shin splints!

A fair forewarning: In case anybody puts a BOLO out for me this Saturday morning, I’m going to be on the run. The 13th Annual Riverwalk Run, that is.

Held by the fabulous ladies of the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale, this will be my first-ever Riverwalk run. And, I can’t tell you how terrified I am. That’s because I’ve foolishly signed up for the 5-mile course – a distance I’ve yet to master and comfortably run without my legs turning into complete jello at the 3-mile mark. While this run offers a 5K route – which in retrospect, running nearly two less miles would not have been a bad option for me to have selected – I got too overconfident, thinking I could bamboozle a 5-miler.

For those who know me, I’m no rookie to running. I ran thrice with teammates at one Ragnar Relay last year. I ran a 5K a week prior to Ragnar. And, I get in plenty of sprints during my weekly Thursday flag football games. After all, it seems that if you can run three miles, why can’t you tack two more on top of that? It’s just two more miles, for crying out loud. So why am I whimpering right now? Because five continuous miles is a lot for these short legs and teeny lungs to handle!

After being sidelined with a nasty infection a week ago, I’ve since made two mediocre attempts to prepare for the 5-mile run. Four miles on Saturday, and five freakin’ long miles on Sunday. Five miles took me 51 minutes to run. That’s pacing at about 10:12/mile, which feels like the equivalent speed of that inconsiderate moped driving in the Henry E. Kinney Tunnel that held me up in traffic this morning. Slow.

This race is tormenting me. I wake up thinking about it, go to bed with it on my mind. And as I keep telling myself, it’ll all be over soon.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

– A run through the beautiful Rio Vista neighborhood
– Supporting the awesome cause of the Junior League gals, which includes promoting and sustaining great community organizations like the Museum of Discovery and Science, the FLITE Center and Jack and Jill Children’s Center
– Seeing how my trail shoes will do on the pavement
– The ridiculously amazing brunch that’s going to be held afterward

Here’s what I’m not looking forward to:

– Running five miles
– The higher-than 60 degree temperature that we’re expecting that day (I hate running in the slightest of warm temperatures)
– Running five miles
– Running five miles

Can't the weather be in the 60s? Or, stay just at 70 degrees and no higher?

Can’t the weather be in the 60s? Or, stay just at 70 degrees and no higher?

My goal for the run? To finish at sub-50 minutes. Attainable? Ummmm, I’d rather not make any predictions right now.

Join me on the run! To sign up, go to https://www.juniorleagueftl.org/?nd=therace.


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