David Maymon

David Maymon wants to impact the world. // Jason Arnold Photography

David Maymon wants to impact the world. // Jason Arnold Photography

This article originally appeared in the March issue of Gold Coast magazine.

A Leading Advocate
David Maymon has his eyes set on changing the world.

Chances are if you ask David Maymon how he’s doing, he’ll reply, “I’m grateful.” And on any given day, that’s exactly how he’s doing. The businessman, sometimes-politician, activist and innovator has led a life of extreme gratitude. And now he’s looking to pay it forward and backward.

Sitting forward in his executive’s chair at his Lauderhill office, hands intertwined, Maymon looks poised to change the world. And at 34 years old, there’s no doubt in his mind he one day will.

To understand why Maymon is so grateful, one only has to look at his past life. A lawyer by education, Maymon was working in a high-profiled, high-pressured law firm in Chicago. After toiling through the strenuous, ungrateful days, simply put, Maymon was fed up.

“It was 8:23 p.m. on a Sunday,” Maymon remembers with pinpoint accuracy. “It was at that second that I experienced a moment of clarity.”

He got up, walked to his co-worker’s office and said he was leaving the firm. And that marked the first day Maymon began his journey of changing the world.

A man with great conviction and belief in his ideas, Maymon didn’t call it quits in any other part of his life. If anything, he was invigorated. Born in Broward County, Maymon came back home to start the change. He began one segment at a time. First, he began looking at the senior and baby-boom generations. As a man who always engaged well with seniors (“I was always close to my grandparents,” Maymon explains), in 2007 he created Advocate Home Care Services, a unique agency that brings qualified health-care aides to a patient’s home for care ranging from a few hours to round-the-clock.

But how he differed this agency from others was through the level of care he required each aide and administrator to provide their patients. New aides must go through a sensitivity training class to better understand the natural impairments older individuals deal with on a daily basis. Maymon says he’s even implemented an exercise that mimics what it’s like to be a senior citizen, asking new employees to wear foggy goggles to stimulate visual impairment, all in an effort to gain the perspective older citizens have.

“Some people have left that training in tears,” Maymon says.

And it seems the training is paying off. Advocate Home Care is expanding to provide aid to the west coast of Florida.

Beyond Advocate, Maymon has had a recent foray into local politics, running as a Republican hopeful for the house seat in the 91st district. With little political experience, he narrowly lost in the 2010 election. When asked about the loss, Maymon remains upbeat.

“You know what?” he asks. “That meant a lot: something like 6,000 people voted for me.”

One of his heroes hangs on his wall: a framed poster of Muhammad Ali overlooking and staring down the fallen Joe Frazier. And just like Ali, Maymon doesn’t look like he’s ever willing to let up. Beyond Advocate, Maymon is in the advanced stages of developing a health-care plan with the focus of funneling streamlined communication for patients. And does he plan on running for office again?

“You never know,” he says with a slight smile. “I’d have to say politics would somehow always be in my life.”


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